MDFL/RxExGxGxIxN "Reparations" 7" Flexi Disc

MDFL/RxExGxGxIxN "Reparations" 7" Flexi Disc

(0:00) 1. MDFL - Socialized Leprosy
(0:15) 2. MDFL - Grease Machine
(0:35) 3. MDFL - Bitch Addict
(1:10) 4. MDFL - Refusing To Wipe My Ass As A Political Statement
(1:25) 5. MDFL - Performative Empathy
(1:52) 6. RxExGxGxIxN - First Black Man With Swastika And Hitler Tattoos Is Hunting For Niggas!

MDFL on this recording is:
Patric Pariano: Guitars
Mark Gallon: Vocals
David Kirsch: Bass
Bryan Fajardo: Drums

Recorded in 2017,
Engineering and Mixing by Patric Pariano
Mastering by Will Killingsworth.
Released on Flexi Disc by Aggressively Uninterested + Keverand Productions 2022.

RxExGxGxIxNx Would love to thank MDFL for not only being on this split but being themselves for over a decade and dealing with mainstream backlash over situations that Patrics junk ass created. Patric is the worst one of the group, Literally a try hard cocksucker!
Recorded at The Living Room, June 2021