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This is a full color print zine of the analogue collage art made by mixed media artists CURSEDWHEEL and Adam Medford (Strange Creature Collages). Their art has graced several album covers including those for GETTER, MDFL and more.

CURSEDWHEEL is a self proclaimed outfit of analog mixed media collages created by Alexander K. Creswell. A wide variety of themes and symbolism pave the way for a celebration of the human spirit on both the inner and outer planes. Within the realms of assembly the same world we know is able to be stolen, and reconstructed for the betterment of exposing the truth. These images created are an offering to the offered.

The artwork of Adam Medford typically has a primary focus on death, disease, destruction and other more dreaded subjects. The idea is to challenge the viewer to see grace and beauty in otherwise loathsome material, allowing a deeper acceptance of the more neglected aspects of mortality.