Bat Sacrifice - "Infected Sorcery" Pro CD

Bat Sacrifice - "Infected Sorcery" Pro CD

Co-release by Aggressively Uninterested and Black Mold Records, Bat Sacrifice features the mashup of Cleveland legends Bahb Branca and Corey Bing (Fistula, Rue, etc), Scott Sterns (Accept Death, Die Hard [Pre-Integrity]) , Griff (Disease Concept, Sollubi) and Patric Pariano (Hemdale, Abraded).

"Bat Sacrifice was tracked at Aggressively Uninterested Studios with Patric Pariano in Cleveland OH in the month of March 2022

Wizard - Guitar, Art
Bing - Drums
Branca - Guitar
Pariano - Guitars, Low end
Griff - Vox
Psycho - Banshee Screams"

Our bongs are filled with gold spray paint,..FUCK YOU"